Dick Phillips - Boat BuilderDick Phillips recently celebrated his 40th year as a boatbuilder. From his earliest experiences of 'holding up' for the journeyman shipwrights, when copper riveting, to planking up his most recent epoxy/strip-planked hull the importance of a professional approach to boatbuilding has been paramount. This means that at Dick Phillips Boatbuilding we believe that boatbuilding should be about delivering a high quality product at a most competitive price.

Teak DeckWhether building a new contemporary designed craft or repairing and restoring a traditional gaffer the principle is the same. The customer's expectations are the guiding influence on the product combined with sound, industry standard, best practice in boatbuilding.

Dick Phillips Boatbuilding endeavours to deliver the means by which the customer can realise their dreams, whether it be restoring the family dinghy to give the next generation the pleasure of its company or building a blue water cruiser for long term wandering.