Projects Completed at Boatbuilding Colleges

Lyme Regis School of Boatbuilding

"Nordic Folkboat"

Built by David Gredley under supervision

"X One Design"

Built by John Wilson under supervision


A Joan Jardine Brown design built by Kaila Simmons and Mike Broom under supervision


A Nigel Irens designed light displacement Lugger built by

"Eun Mara"

An Iain Oughtred designed canoe yawl built by John McShea


A Tony Dias designed double ended yawl rigged lugger

Falmouth Marine School (Cornwall College)


An Andrew Wolstenholme designed sailing praam dinghy serialised in Watercraft magazine


An Andrew Wolstenholme designed dinghy commissioned by Boatman magazine. The build of the first dinghy was serialised in the magazine


A Victorian canoe yawl, built to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the Humber Yawl Club in 1883 and serialised in Classic Boat Magazine.

"Granny Pram"

An Iain Oughtred designed sailing dinghy serialised in Classic Boat magazine

"10ft. Dinghies"

Built to a set of lines provided by Ted Pentecost, then Head of Boatbuilding at Falmouth, a dinghy typical of those found in harbours around the Cornish coast. The build published as a series of articles in Classic Boat magazine.